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Attorney's widow sues Madison police officers

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More than two weeks after blogger Clayton Kelly was indicted in the Cochran nursing home photo scandal comes charges against Madison police officers. The widow of prominent Jackson attorney Mark Mayfield says Madison officers overstepped their boundaries.

Robin Mayfield filed trespassing charges against three Madison police investigators,Dean Scott, Chuck Harrison and Vickie Currie, and released a statement Monday.

She said just minutes after discovering her husband's body on June 27, three Madison police officers were at her Ridgeland home, on her property, looking for clues in the photo scandal case.

Mayfield said she had been overcome by grief that morning, and she didn't notice that Madison investigators had been at the crime scene until friends and family told her.

“They began snooping around my garage, looking for any morsel to take back with them to Madison to use in their politically-motivated prosecution, while my husband lay dead and while I was standing in the rain in my driveway,” Mayfield said in the statement.

Mayfield said their home is in Ridgeland, a place where Madison authorities “have no legal jurisdiction.”

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler released a statement Monday, saying she stands behind the officers of her city.

“Our police department would not have broken any laws, and I'm comfortable with that, and they were within their authority to do what they did,” Hawkins-Butler said.

The longtime mayor said her heart goes out to Robin Mayfield, but regrets Madison officers are being criticized.

“Mark Mayfield was a friend of mine, and I would never have dreamed that he would have been involved in this,” Hawkins-Butler said.

Mark Mayfield had been under investigation after authorities implicated him in a conspiracy to photograph Sen. Thad Cochran's ailing wife for use in a political hit piece.

The four implicated in the scandal were all supporters of Cochran's opponent, State Sen. Chris McDaniel.

Robin Mayfield said the Madison officers' actions that morning were politically motivated.

“Absolutely not," said Hawking-Butler. "Let's think about the lady that is in the Alzheimer's unit. Let's think about her rights. Let's think about how she was victimized."

In the days and weeks following Mark Mayfield's death, others on social media expressed similar concerns, saying the actions stemmed from Hawkins-Butler's control over city departments and public endorsement of Cochran. Hawkins-Butler disagrees with that.

“We have very good department heads in this city,” the mayor said. “Some of them have been with us for a very long time, and they run their departments.”

Hawkins-Butler adds she is glad the matter will now be resolved in court.

“The whole truth will come out based on evidence, rather than wild claims, unsupported Facebook (sic) posts and allegations,” Hawkins-Butler said. “It's time that the whole truth is known.”

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