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Ebola scare costly to UMMC

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The University of Mississippi Medical Center is already in compliance with changes mandated by the Centers for Disease Control in handling suspected Ebola patients. Some changes were already in place. Others come with a hefty price tag.

One of the new mandates is to designate a smaller and better trained healthcare staff to treat suspected Ebola cases.

"It was very validating to our team to see the CDC put into place some of the steps we already had going in our program," said UMMC Emergency Services Director Jonathan Wilson.

Wilson says UMMC has approximately 80 health care professionals in its Ebola response team. 

Emergency Department Chief Dr. Alan Jones says the screening criteria is very clear.

"Have you traveled to West Africa, or have you been around, in close contact with someone who has traveled to West Africa in the previous 30 days, and you have symptoms consist with this disease process," said Dr. Jones.

Members of the Ebola response team are required to wear double sets of gloves, disposable hoods with full face shields and masks, and there are specific instructions for putting on and taking off personal protective gear, all of which is fluid resistant. This protocol is done under the supervision of a trained monitor.

Wilson says the new rules do not effect the general public.

"We know that these patients will be going through a very challenging time," said Wilson. "We also want to make sure we respect our staff will be going through a challenging time and we want to provide the most protection we can afford them."

The Ebola Scare comes with a very high price tag. Disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), one use, is anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 each. That includes the Personal Protective Equipment used in training.

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