Madison sheriff searches for Myra Lewis using information from p - - Jackson, MS

Madison sheriff searches for Myra Lewis using information from psychic group

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - The Madison County Sheriff's Department is taking a fresh, new approach in the case of missing toddler Myra Lewis.

Sheriff Randy Tucker says his search teams along with the FBI are following recommendations from a report that included new leads from psychic detectives. The report includes a list of locations of where Myra Lewis may be. She disappeared from her Camden home March 1st.

The report was composed by Find Me ( Findme-dot-com ) and the group includes former law enforcement, forensic experts and search team members.

"We have men and women in the field, The FBI is with us, We're following every hypothesis they have given us, we said early on that we wouldn't leave any stone unturned any lead un followed and that's what we intend to do," Sheriff Tucker explained.

Tuesday Sheriff Tucker released his findings in the report.

"They had about 30 responses, 5 or 6 of those responses were here locally in Madison County some think she may be deceased, some think she may be alive those are obviously strong contradictions," he said.

Sheriff Tucker would not give exact locations of where Myra could be, but did stress that a search is underway.

Within the report he says there contradicting results about whether or not the toddler was still alive.

The success ratio of these so called, "psychic detectives" is fairly high. Since 2012, they have actively solved 59 out of 300 cases, and they are hoping little Myra Lewis makes 60.

"The meat of the report is actually what happened to the individual and exactly the location we believe she can be located,” said Jerry Kelly Snyder, a psychic detective. “We try to be specific as possible in the location so we provide GPS coordinates."

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