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Homicide suspect previously released back in jail

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A man wanted for murder turned himself in to the Jackson Police Department this week. His arrest comes after a grand jury dismissed charges he faced for another homicide. Ladarrion McCray was placed on a no bill list last month. Lately - the Hinds County District Attorney's Office has been receiving some scrutiny over how many cases are on that list.

Last May, Laddarion McCray was arrested for the murder of 21 year old Dearquis Williams. JPD detectives believe McCray shot and killed Williams near McTyere and Mill streets. He died in his car.

But an insufficient amount of evidence to prosecute landed him on a "no bill list," which eventually resulted in his release. There are currently 34 no billed cases in Hinds County, which causes concern for city leaders.

"I think to say the least I'm disappointed that after our officers have done their due diligence, we don't have the opportunity to see justice serve after we pick folks up and take them to jail," said Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber.

McCray is back behind bars for another homicide. He's accused of killing Glentz Brown while he was holding a newborn baby last week.

Mayor Yarber says he's having talks with the Jackson Police Department to find out what can be done to ensure these cases are tried appropriately.

"I thought that we had a pretty good conversation on that and that we were moving ahead with those expectations," said the mayor. "Our police department was putting together the kinds of cases based on expectations in terms of our rubric as you will."

We reached out to District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith and the Jackson Police Department about the cases, but neither wanted to comment. Schuler Smith did say on the phone a “no billed case” could be represented for prosecution if there is a sufficient amount of evidence.

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