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Woman attacked, robbed in apartment

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A Jackson woman is now concerned about her safety after being attacked and robbed in her apartment overnight.

Angela Taylor says she was also injured during a robbery in her Highland View apartment Thursday night.

She called police when she heard a man rummaging through her living room. She says he then forced his way in to her bedroom, and tried to attack her.

Taylor grabbed a nearby crutch and started hitting him, which scared him off.

Her purse, with debit cards, drivers license and cash inside were taken.

After living in the complex for 20 years, Angela Taylor says serious security upgrades are needed, to increase the safety for residents.

Angela Taylor says, "Anybody can come up on this property, and other places have surveillance, have security guards, why can't we? I know were on fixed income, but still we deserve the same as everyone else, whether rich or poor."

Taylor says the intruder came in through a patio door, with a faulty lock.

She says she knows her attacker, who is a former neighbor, who threatened her life in the past, then was evicted.

We asked managers at the apartment complex if they planned any security upgrades.

We were immediately told to leave the property.

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