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Local biker community helps boy who was bullied

Travien Mackabee (Source: MSNewsNow) Travien Mackabee (Source: MSNewsNow)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - The Biker community comes together to support a little boy who was recently a victim of bullying.

"I'm feeling good and thankful to God for what he did for my family and how he helped me and my family," said Travien Mackabee, an 11-year-old boy who claims he was bullied.

Travien's week has done a 180.  Monday - he was the victim of a school bus fight.  His mother says a group of students jumped him, pinned him down and punched him repeatedly in the face. 

"We felt helpless, hurt you know just devastated at what happened to him and he was there on school bus and he got beat like that and that's not suppose to happen not just for my child but I don't want that to happen to no ones children," said Lamiakia Mackabee, Travien's mother.

This happened on a bus leaving Siwell Middle School.

Upset by the news, members of the biker organization, "Friends of Fallen Riders" and other organizations decided to pitch in. 

"We already doing Destinees pledge which is an anti bullying pledge so we thought this was another great opportunity to get people to support this pledge and actually get children to understand what we're asking them to do when there are incidents of bullying," said Yolanda Singleton, spokesperson for "Friends of Fallen Riders."

Saturday organizations gathered outside the Walmart on highway 18 in support of Travien, they even bought him a Play Station just to lift his spirits. 

"It didn't have to cost all the money but it shows the love from the heart," Travien explained.

Organizers say they'll continue to do events like this one to put a stop to bullying.

They started these events after Destinee Ford was killed last December on her way home from Wingfield High School. 

"Talk to them about the Destinees pledge and explain to them exactly what it is and see if we can get those children to pledge against bullying," Singleton said. 

"These babies don't deserve that and nobody has the right to do what they did to my son and do to the children before my son," Mackabee said.

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