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Jackson Police dispute claim made by mother of 15-year-old accident victim

Keonna Redmond, accident victim (Source: Instagram) Keonna Redmond, accident victim (Source: Instagram)
Site of fatal crash Site of fatal crash
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A mother of a teen killed in an accident after a police pursuit is upset because she says she found out about her daughter's death from neighbors.

"I feel totally left out. I feel like my child doesn't mean anything to them because, I mean, no one has called.. Not even a phone call from the coroner." said Keisha Redmond, mother of fatal accident victim.

Keisha says she wishes more was done after her 15-year-old daughter Keonna Redmond was killed. 

"Friday night, my daughter was picked up by some of her friends... police passed them and they were speeding, so police started to pursue them in a high speed chase," Redmond added.

Jackson Police said the car Keonna and her friends were in was stolen out of Vicksburg.

"No one's child deserves this no matter what those children were doing. A stolen car they didn't deserve to be pursued in a high speed chase and the 15- year-old female died behind that." 

On Sunday, police arrested the driver of that car on Meadowmont Drive in Jackson.

Jackson Police said a 14-year-old male passenger in the vehicle received a cut to his neck and he's in critical condition at UMC. 

"I'm sure my daughter had no idea that the car was stolen and she was just riding with some of her schoolmates and it just was a bad situation," Redmond added.

She went on, "The neighbors came before police even came to my house. That was Friday, today is Sunday. I have not heard from anyone to explain to me how the accident occurred. No one explained to me which officer were in pursuit behind them. I don't even know the officers name."

On Monday morning, a Police spokesperson disputed the mother's account saying an accident reconstructionist investigator from their department has been in contact with the mother since the night of accident. 

A memorial lies at the accident site in her memory in the 2400 block of Vernon Drive.

A candlelight vigil is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday at that location.

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