Community bands together for 'Stop the Violence' rally - - Jackson, MS

Community bands together for 'Stop the Violence' rally

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There have been 56 homicides so far this year in the Capital City and community members say they've had enough.

Sunday at Battlefield Park, community activists held a "Stop the Violence" rally.

The rally was in honor of homicide victims, Moyanna Johnson and Darrel Jones.

Johnson was shot multiple times after an altercation at the Cypress Point Apartments on Hospital Drive.

And someone shot Jones in the head near the train tracks on Hilda Drive.

Organizers of this rally say too many young people are losing their lives and more has to be done in the home to lead youth into the right direction.

John Knight, organizer of the rally said, "This is a small city for the type of crimes that go on here. It's just too much for us to bear, too much of a hardship for our parents, on the economy and also for the black community because those are the ones we are losing for all these crimes going on."

Chief Lee Vance said, "The community realizes that the police cannot do this by ourselves. We've said that all along. And we're going to have to have the community support and participation in order to prevent these crimes from occurring in the first place and help us to solve them if they occur."

Community members celebrated youth with food and music. They hope more positive events like this one will help spark a change. 

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