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Parents say students were attacked at football game

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Two students from Yazoo City High School were sent to the hospital after parents say students from another school threw bricks inside the school bus, hitting them. Parents say they are furious and want justice.

Right now an investigation is underway at Gentry High School in Indianola after Friday nights game against Yazoo City High School.

Yazoo City High School parents say it was chaos and Gentry students were trying to start fights with band members and football players from Yazoo City.

Yazoo City High School parents say when they got to Gentry High School's football stadium in Indianola Friday night, the crowd was massive. Tailgating crowds swarmed the inside of the stadium.

Roosevelt Johnson Jr. says, "There was a lot of extracurricular activities going on. Such as smoking dope, drinking and whatsoever."

Parents, Johnson and Serena Shelby, say the chaos turned into bullying.

Shelby says, "My baby to be locked up in the bathroom and grown men want to jump on him, I'm really upset about that. And the kids were just treated very badly. And I'm very, very upset and something needs to be done to Gentry."

Shelby says most of Yazoo City's band is made up of middle school students, like her son. These parents say the attackers were older high school students from Gentry.

Johnson says, "Game was over, they won. They proceed to follow us outside of the field. From there we load the buses and where we had kids coming from out of the woods throwing bricks through the windows where they injured two of our players. Severe cuts across his neck and a gash to his neck."

Johnson says, another football player was also injured. The two were taken to the hospital. One player received stitches in his neck. They since have been released. Parents say this is not acceptable behavior and the school should be reprimanded.

Shelby adds, "The band director had asked for some assistance from the security that was there on site. They came, but they didn't do anything they just stood there and our kids lives were in danger. They basically just turned their heads."

Johnson says, "Basically, we would like to see their school be put on probation."

WLBT spoke to the superintendents from both school districts and they both say they are in talks with one another and the matter is being investigated.

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