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JULIA'S FORECAST: Weather Changes Today!

Good morning! It has been two weeks since we've had rain. Today, a few might finally see some showers. We're seeing spotty to scattered rain around the metro area through the morning and early afternoon. Showers exit southward by mid to late afternoon today and all will be clearer and cooler feeling.

Winds are in the process of shifting! Expect winds this afternoon to be out of the NE at 10-20 mph. That will help supply us with cooler air. High temperatures will only reach the low 70s around Jackson, mid to high 70s for those south of Highway 84.

Any breeze should become much more subtle by tonight. That should help our temperatures fall quickly- most will wake up in the mid 40s on Thursday. Thursday will be mostly sunny with cool high temperatures in the low 70s. Friday (Halloween) will be breezy and cool with a high near 70! Trick-or-treat temps will be near 60.

Expect a crisp, cooler-than-average weekend. Saturday and Sunday morning temperatures will be in the upper 30s! Afternoon highs will only reach the low and mid 60s, but with plenty of sunshine.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
Facebook: Meteorologist Julia Weiden
Twitter: @JuliaWeiden

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