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Horse race track coming to Crystal Springs?

Horse race track coming to Crystal Springs?

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CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Copiah County District 4 Supervisor Kenny Ray Powell bought a plot of land off Bankhead Lane in Crystal Springs to build a multi-purpose entertainment venue, which will include a horse racing track. He says it will provide a variety of things for families to do. But the City has pulled the plug on his plans for now. 
Supervisor Powell maintains to us that the land he plans to develop is commercial. But Bankhead Lane resident Patricia McKinney says it's residential. She says more than a decade ago the City annexed the plot of land. A trucking company on the land was grandfathered in, but future development on the land is supposed to be residential.

McKinney wants to hear more from Crystal Springs mayor Sally Kirkland about what's going on. 
"(Neighbors) have talked, wanted to meet with Sally the Mayor and she has refused to meet with us on three different occasions," McKinney tells us. "We don't have the right understanding of what is supposed to happen with that property."

The City says the land that Powell wants to build on is indeed residential, and what Powell wants to do with the land is not compliant with the zoning district. If he wants to develop his entertainment venue he will have to apply for a 'conditional use' and let the Board of Aldermen decide.

Mayor Sally Garland says Powell has voluntarily stopped building on the land.

Powell says his attorney, Jim Shannon, says what he's trying to do is perfectly legal.

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