Cochran and Childers both campaign at business event - - Jackson, MS

Cochran and Childers both campaign at business event

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Campaigns are out in full force with less than a week till the election. It's a perfect storm for the Mississippi Economic Council's annual Hobnob event.

The hundreds of folks stopped chatting and listened when the candidates hit the podium. Both Cochran and Childers were on schedule for Hobnob. That's been a rare occasion throughout this election cycle.

The two shook hands as Cochran was walking in. Childers wants more than a handshake. He says it wasn't until Cochran's comments to the media last week that he got his answer about a debate.

"He said no," Childers explained. "That he is not going to debate. That there wasn't anything new to know about him. Well, there's a lot new to know about me and I'm trying to get that message out to the people of this state."

When asked Cochran said, "Whatever he wants to demand, ask, request, it's a little late. It comes a little late. It sounds a little like showboating and grandstanding."

Both spent some time dispelling rumors. Cochran reminded the crowd that he'll be in line for a committee chairman if re-elected. He's also distancing himself from the speculation that his term would be cut short.

"I have no intention of specifying a date of retirement," Cochran said. "I'm running for a term of six years. I expect to serve that."

At the podium, Childers took a stab at Governor Phil Bryant's recent radio ad attacking him for aligning with liberal Washington leaders.

"That's a poor spoof on trying to scare people into making me someone that I'm not," Childers described. "He knows better than that. Look at my record. My record stands on its own. My record clearly says that I am not a liberal."

The candidates both have a few days left to campaign but their eyes are on November 4th.

As a reminder, the election is next Tuesday, November 4th.

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