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JULIA'S FORECAST: Chilly AM but Beautiful PM!

Good morning! Don't forget the long sleeves before you run out the door on this Thursday AM- wake up temperatures are in the 40s for most! Vicksburg is the chilly spot with a morning low in the upper 30s. All will experience clear skies and calm winds though the morning.

Skies will be blue this afternoon and temperatures seasonable in the low 70s. Overall, we'll be seasonable and pleasant. Tonight will be chilly in the low 40s.

Halloween will be a gorgeous day! Temperatures will be a touch on the cool side in the afternoon in the upper 60s. The only concern for the daytime hours is the winds, which will be blustery out of the northwest. During the Trick or Treat hours, temperatures fall from the low 60s through the mid 50s. Sun goes down at 6:11pm.

Get ready for this- FROST is a possibility for Saturday morning. It should only be very patchy for most of central Mississippi. Still, if you have sensitive plants, it may be a good idea to cover them up or bring them indoors. Areas well north and east of Jackson (think Starkville, Columbus, Tupelo, etc.) have a better shot at seeing frost. The same is possible for Sunday morning!

Saturday afternoon will be cool- highs only top out in the mid to high 50s. Sunday will be a touch better in the mid 60s. Both days will be sunny with a breeze.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
Facebook: Meteorologist Julia Weiden
Twtiter: @JuliaWeiden

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