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What you do if your privacy is violated

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What should you do if you come across a situation where your privacy is being violated and there is a camera filming you in a private location?

We showed you the most recent arrest of Alance McKinney. He is accused of recording customers changing while in the Hollister store dressing room, without their knowledge at Northpark Mall in Ridgeland.

This arrest is turning shopper Melody Lewis against store fitting rooms.

"Now it makes me more cautious about going in dressing rooms and trying on things," said Lewis. "I might as well buy it, take it home, try it on and then come back and return it if I can't fit it. Yea, that's scary, it really is."

We have seen disturbing cases similar to this in the past. In 2012 Clinton Police arrested 22 year old William Kent for child exploitation and filming another person without their consent. The arrest came after a 10 year old girl said she saw a cell phone inside the restroom she was using at a Clinton gas station.

Jackson resident Constance Robinson says privacy violations happen way too frequently and the news hits close to home.

"It happened to my best friend," said Robinson. "She ran and told management, but they didn't believe her and the man got away. (so was the camera in the bathroom?) Yes, it was a man holding the camera. You know how you can see the crack in the stall? he was peeking through the crack with his camera."

So, what do you do in this type of situation? Pearl Police Captain Brian McGairty says you should immediately report it to police and not the store management. McGairty says depending on how small the business is, the store management may know the spy cam or cell phone is hidden. So, if you report immediately to police they have time to investigate before the store has time to move it.

It is also smart to check before entering places like a dressing room, public bathroom or tanning bed for any possible hidden cameras. And use common sense, if you feel uncomfortable, get out.

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