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Walt's Look Around: Mississippi's most haunted house

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Since this is the time of year for haunted houses, why not go visit Mississippi's most haunted house. The old tour home McRaven in Vicksburg is closed and is up for sale. But we got to slip in and see what the place looks like inside now.

McRaven tour home in Vicksburg has plenty of credentials without being haunted. Built in three stages, it was begun in the 1790s by a Natchez Trace outlaw, added onto in the 1830's by the sheriff of Warren County, and completed to about the way we see it today in the 1840s by the Bobb family. It was then, used as a hospital during the Civil War.

Lots of sadness here. Sheriff Howard's teen-age bride died in childbirth in the upstairs middle bedroom. Her funeral notice is hanging framed on the wall. Then a little later on, Mr. Bobb was ambushed and killed on his lawn by drunk soldiers during reconstruction.

Mrs. Bobb couldn't stay there after his death and so she sold the house to a Union Soldier who had married a Vicksburg girl and the house changed hands and stayed in the Murray family a hundred years until the last of the two spinster Murray daughters moved out in the 1960s.

And then it became a tour home. And was a tour home for decades until time and health issues caught up with the current owner's family and the house has been closed for many years now.

My friend Leyland French bought it in the 1980s, never dreaming it was haunted. But he told me one of his first nights he spent there, Mr. Murray followed him up the stairs. Not so bad until you realize that Mr. Murray died in 1916.

After that there were bumps and voices and lamps that would go on and off at will. And then Mary Elizabeth, who died in childbirth hardly more than a child herself, comes back and plays.

But the saddest thing to me about the house now is that it's all shut up on itself now. It's so quiet, except for the noises outside. And there are so many reminders of life here. But all of that is as cold and dead as Mary Elizabeth's death notice. Shadows. Gossamer dreams of things that used to be and are no more.

McRaven is slumbering. It's awaiting what's to be next. And I am the one intruding on its slumber. I am the one haunting it today.

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