How will Chris McDaniel supporters vote Tuesday? - - Jackson, MS

How will Chris McDaniel supporters vote Tuesday?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi's "red state" status is hanging in the balance. And not every Republican is on board. There's a wild card in the continued Senate showdown. It's Chris McDaniel supporters.

Roy Nicholson is mad. He's mad about the in-fighting in his Republican party. He's an active Tea Party member who was holding out hope for Chris McDaniel. So what now?

"Those who believe those founding principles, they're going to fight for it," Nicholson said. "And if they've got to fight they're own party for it, they're going to do it. But by gosh, we're going to fight and we're going to win."

There's not a one size fits all answer to the question of what McDaniel supporters will do Tuesday. But for Nicholson, it's an easy decision.

"I myself am going to vote for Childers because he is more conservative than Cochran," he admitted. "And we are conservatives first. Republicans second."

He admits some won't break away from the GOP no matter how mad they are. Others won't go to the polls period. But he says they've come up with a slogan for those fighting back.

 "No group hug," Nicholson said in reference to the GOP establishment.

Some political blog posts question the logic behind Republicans voting for Childers just because they're mad.

Other McDaniel supporters didn't want to disclose who they'll vote for. But many have vocalized their opinions via social media.

Chris McDaniel has not publicly endorsed anyone for the Senate seat.

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