Guide dogs placed with new owners - - Jackson, MS

Guide dogs placed with new owners

Guide dogs placed with new owners

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Nannette Klatt flew into Mississippi from California Friday to pick up her new guide dog.

"She is named after Drew Brees. And she's named after Drew Brees because she's so kind," Klatt tells us. 
Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center had been training a dog for Klatt for some time. 
"I worked in the entertainment business for so many years and it got a little difficult because I started to lose my sight. I knew I needed to get a dog," she says. 
The dog, Saint Brees, was trained here in Mississippi. And as Gallant Hearts Executive Director Becky Floyd tells us during a fundraiser Saturday morning for the non-profit organization, they're always looking for families to raise the puppies. 
"We pay all expenses for the puppy raisers, then we bring the dog back, train it, our trainer will take the dog and keep it about four months," Floyd says. 
Then the dog is taken to a person who is blind. 
"Allow them to function in the community, be involved in community activities, work, do all the things that many people enjoy doing every day," Floyd tells us.

Five dogs at the event are considered new graduates of the Gallant Hearts program. 
Gallant Hearts hoped to raise about $10,000 with the event, and a 5K run/walk earlier on Saturday morning. Organizers say they got close to reaching their goal.

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