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"Feet to Faith" walk promotes positivity in Jackson

Sunday afternoon, Jackson residents walked the streets of the city, hoping for change, and encouraging the youth.

"Feet to Faith," an outreach program hosted its second prayer walk.

Maranda Joiner grew up in Jackson and says unfortunately the city often gets a bad reputation.

"There's a lot of negative comments and I see those a lot more than I see the positive," said Maranda Joiner, organizer of the walk.

Tired of hearing the bad things about her city, she decided to form a group aimed to just doing the opposite.

"To give us a place where we can come on a consistent basis,"  said Joiner. "To be able to fellowship and get to know our neighbors outside of a church, just to get to know the people in our community."

Sunday, the group hosted its first prayer walk. Community leaders, kids and neighbors met at the Boys and Girls Club and walked to Pointdexter Park.

"They want a better community and as you know we got a lot of young people at risk and if we don't deal with that we won't have a better community so it all comes together," said Chief Lee Vance, of the Jackson Police Department.

People prayed for the city and youth on every street corner. Chief Vance says it's the youth who needs the most help.

"We've got 13 and 14 years old committing house burglaries so we definitely need to do everything we can to impact that situation with young people," said Chief Vance.

"Build a community, to build a sense of community so people can start feeling like they live in a community, feeling like they can communicate with their neighbors and talk and feeling like hey, when they go outside and they see a little girl across the street they actually know her by name," said Joiner.

Organizers say they plan to host more of these events in the future.

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