Five planets to see coming to a town near you - - Jackson, MS

Five planets to see coming to a town near you

Jupiter Jupiter
Mars Mars
Mercury Mercury
Saturn Saturn
Venus Venus
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - This month we'll have the opportunity to see Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Venus! 

During the first week of November, we'll have the best chance of seeing Mercury as it rises in the eastern sky. It's best to try and see this planet about 90 minutes before sunrise. Jupiter will be easy to see during the first half of the month as it rises in the east around midnight and closer to 10 pm by the end of the month. Once it rises, it will stay out until dawn and will reach its highest point in the sky just before sunrise. Mars, the red planet, will be visible in the southwestern sky all month long at nightfall. The best day to see Saturn will be on November 18 as it passes into the morning sky. We'll also be able to see it most of the time before dawn through early December 2014. Venus will hang out close to the sun as it sets and likely won't be visible at dusk until the latter part of December. 

The Line Up: 
Mars: early evening hours
Jupiter: midnight til dawn
Mercury: low in the eastern sky as darkness gives way to dawn
Saturn & Venus: lost in the sun's glare

And if that's not enough, on November 17 & 18 the Leonid meteor show will be in full swing.
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