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Burglars break through metal wall to take weapons from business

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Yazoo City hardware store was robbed of weapons and ammunition during a heist last week. Now police are working to find the thieves and the stolen merchandise.

Thousands of dollars in guns and other weapons are now on the streets. The store owner thinks a weekend JPD theft ring bust could include weapons taken from his business.

Delta Ace Hardware Store owner Jim King said he discovered that thieves tore a hole through metal sheeting at the rear wall of his business the night of October 29th.

He said two attempts were made to remove sheet metal along the wall before burglars finally made a hole to gained entry. Nineteen weapons, ammunition and other items were taken.

"I walked back here to help a customer, found a gaping hole right there and looked, we were missing all of our back stock on firearms and found that they had gotten into this counter here," said King.

That display counter contained pistols and other items. The 65 year old business owner said 15 rifles, two shotguns, two pistols, eight crossbows, about 2,000 rounds of ammunition, scopes and binoculars were stolen, . merchandise valued between $25,000.00 to $30,000.00.

"If it gets into the wrong hands, it could be very dangerous," said the store owner.

After learning about JPD's bust of a theft ring this weekend in west Jackson, King reached out to police in the Capital City.

"I thought that might lead to some of the weapons that were stolen from here and I contacted the Jackson Police department, said the Yazoo City businessman. "And they are supposed to have emailed us some information concerning the weapons that they recovered so I can see if any of that was taken from us."

Unfortunately cameras in and around the store didn't capture images of the break in, because King discovered that a recent storm had knocked out power to his computer surveillance system.

According to King, Yazoo City Police found blood, two dropped guns and other items behind the store and in a nearby field during their investigation. The hardware store owner said he has also notified the ATF.

So far no arrests have been made in connection with the business burglary.

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