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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Back on West Capitol

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - We went back to West Capitol Street to check on the Lovetts, an elderly couple who reached out to 3 On Your Side, last year, about a burned out, demolished pile of rubble, that used to be a house, located next door to them.

Now, it's not what's next door, but what is across the street that is cause for concern.

It was 2013 when Dudley and Leola Lovett first called 3 On Your Side. The house next door to the place they've called home for 38 years had burned and had been bulldozed leaving behind a pile of rubble for almost 3 years. A couple of weeks after my story aired, the property was cleared.

"Y'all are great!" said Dudley Lovett at the time. "Y'all the only somebody we can get some help from."

The property remains clear, for the most part, but the Lovett's say someone recently drove up with a truck load of garbage and dumped it here. She has contacted city officials, but she says her real concern is the abandoned house across the street, 3523 Capitol Street. Tall weeds and grass almost obscure the illicit activity she says constantly goes on there.

I asked Leola Lovett about that illicit activity.

"Oh, my goodness. Something I never would do," said Lovett.

She said people were in and out of the house all day and night and she suspected drugs and prostitution.

"So much killing and going on around here now," added Lovett. "People breaking in and you know it don't make sense and people going in these houses doing all kind of illegal stuff, I feel like they oughta have more respect for themselves than that."

A sticker has been posted on the front of this house. It's a warning from the city of Jackson, advising the building is unfit for human habitation, use or occupancy. The notice was posted back in June. We're shooting this on October 30th.The Lovetts said they believe someone is even sleeping there at night. With all of the broken glass and debris scattered in and around 3523 Capitol Street, it's difficult to imagine how.

You can see where the house has been boarded up, but the boards have been removed and the trash and danger continues to grow.

"It would be just wonderful to have it nice and beautiful, so when you look out, you can see something beautiful instead of all this trash laying around," said Lovett.

 We found out who owns 3523 Capitol Street and I will contact that owner to see what his plans are and give him an opportunity to implement them.

 I will also contact the city of Jackson's Community Improvement Division and let you know what I found out from both, in a follow up report.

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