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Community copes over Lincoln County tragedies

Peyton Flowers   Source: Facebook Peyton Flowers Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
LINCOLN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - The loss of lives are taking a toll on students and residents in Lincoln County. Within a matter of weeks, seven young lives have been lost tragically and unexpectedly.

A time of sadness for so many people in Lincoln County and the grieving is now centered in the heart of the Loyd Star community as most recently the county is now faced with the loss of 18 year old Peyton Flowers.

"He set the standards of how high school kids should be and what they should want to be and how they should want to work," said Loyd Star football coach Adam Cook. "There was not a better kid to want to coach and to try and work with."

The emotions and feelings are raw and sharp right now as Cook and the rest of the community try and cope with the sudden loss of  Flowers.

"The only way I can try and compare this child to anything is, you think about a race horse," added Coach Cook. "And they have to tell a race horse when to stop running. Because a race horse will run until its heart explodes. And Peyton literally. And I mean he did, he worked and he played until he gave out."

Two Brookhaven High School football players lost their lives October 15th in a tragic car wreck that shook the school. That was followed by another unexpected tragedy when four young lives were taken in another car accident October 24th.

"We have been hurt so bad in the last few weeks," said principal Robin Case. "Brookhaven school district losing two fine men. Then Lincoln county school district losing four children. So, the tragedy has just been widespread throughout the county. it has just really devastated all of us to see all of these young lives lost."

"You know, our area has had so much loss this month and the month of October," added Cook. "Just how everybody got on board and wanted to see this child pull through. Everybody was just praying that we could have him back. We didn't realize that you know we were praying for something so selfish. That we had already had the miracle in our lives. That knowing him the time that we did and experiencing the kind of person he was, that was the miracle."

Funeral arrangements were being made today for Peyton Flowers. His funeral will be held this weekend.

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