Golf Tournament- Charities thriving on mild weather - - Jackson, MS

Golf Tournament- Charities thriving on mild weather

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Golf fans are flocking to Jackson this week for our states only annual pro sporting event.   

The Sanderson Farms Championship runs through Sunday at the Country Club of Jackson.  

This is the first year the tournament has been held at the Country Club of Jackson.  

Golf fans say it's a much better venue for spectators getting them closer to the action.   

Organizers of the golf tournament say they're exceeding ticket sale goals.   

Perfect weather has helped.  Another good sign they may reach their fundraising goals for the Friends of Children's hospital charity.  

Sanderson Farms CEO Joe Sanderson says his company took over as a major sponsor last year with two goals, keep the charity going, and keep the tournament from leaving the state.  

Sanderson said, "The economic impact it has for greater Jackson metro area Madison, Ridgeland the whole area we think it's good for Sanderson farms and it's good for the state. "

Golfers like John Daly had galleries fifty deep Friday. 

 Fans say they're easily adapting to the new venue.  

Chris Carey a golf spectator from Jackson said, "I like it here it seems to be more space here for more viewing pleasure for the spectator and the weather is absolutely perfect and gorgeous."

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