Cat tossed in Reservoir - - Jackson, MS

Cat tossed in Reservoir

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - It's no way to treat an animal, but it happened Friday afternoon on the Pelahatchie Bay Causeway. We were contacted by an angry viewer who said he saw a woman pick up a cat, by the neck and toss it into the Reservoir.

Clay Connerly says he pulled over when he saw the woman chasing the cat; calling it by name.

 He says he thought she needed help.

Connerly says he tried to stop the woman after the cruel act, but she took off in a silver Toyota Corolla. He then notified Reservoir police and Rankin County Sheriff''s Deputies.

Animal control officers with the Rankin County Sheriff's Department rescued the cat.

"It swam to the shore and when it got to the shore we got the cat and we brought it up here," said Sgt. Ken Sullivan. "Right now, it's wet and scared. It should be okay. We don't see any signs of injury. It should be okay in a few days."

The woman is described as a white female with dark hair, in her 20's.

Besides being muddy and a bit traumatized, the feline was not injured. It will be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption.

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