Caught on Camera: Burglars breaking into Terry church - - Jackson, MS

Caught on Camera: Burglars breaking into Terry church

Authorities are looking for this man Authorities are looking for this man

A Terry church faces more financial hardship after thieves stole several air conditioning units early Friday morning.

"I got a call at 6 o'clock, and the gate was open. Our air-conditioning units were gone again,” Salem Missionary Baptist Church Pastor John Wesley Jones said.

It's the second time this has happened at the Terry church since October 14, when thieves made off with four units.

Then late Thursday night, two people spent several hours stealing six AC units. They had even planned to take more.

“Two others were cut, ready to be picked up,” Jones said.

Jones had the units replaced two weeks ago and also added something else.

“We put in surveillance equipment, and now we was able to see everything that happened this time,” Jones said.

Now he's confident this video will lead to arrests of the two people believed responsible.

The Hinds County Sheriff's Department is handling the investigation.

Still, the pastor says it's unusual that someone would steal these air conditioners.

"Speculation is that they already have buyers out there, and that's another thing that baffles me, that people receive stolen merchandise like that,” Jones said.

It's also another financial blow for the church.

"There's a lot of damage there. Of course, you know, as they took the units, everything off the wall, they took. So all of that has to be replaced, and that's expensive," Jones added.

What happens now? Prayer, Jones said, and hopefully, a change of heart for those responsible.

"I know God, through the power of prayer, he can touch the heart of people. I'm not sending them to somebody else, but they can pass us, go the other way from us," Jones said.

If you recognize the people in the video associated with this story, please call Crimestoppers at 601-355-TIPS.

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