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Veterans offer free rides in WWII era planes

The planes taking off from the John Bell Williams Airport in Raymond on Saturday are World War II era.  And 93-year-old Captain Charles Hull of Winona spent a lot of time flying planes in that war.

"I was a flight instructor for B-29's the last year of the war. That's the plane that dropped the bomb on Japan," Hull said. "If you survived this tour in England, you were through with combat in WWII. But didn't many of us survive. We lost 80%."
He shared his experiences as other, younger war veterans and their families enjoyed free flights. Clinton Body Shop owner John Mosley owns the two authentic World War II planes.

"The big twin engine there is a Beech C45. It started out in 1943 with a glass nose on it, it was a bomber trainer aircraft," Mosley added.

Mosley's son owns the third plane, an authentic T6. It was used shortly after the war.

Mosley told us the plane trips would continue Saturday, as long as the veterans wanted them to.

"I thought shoot, we got the airplanes and we've always wanted to do something for the vets so this would be a good way to do it, and right before Veterans Day seemed like the perfect time," he tells us. 

Desert Storm veteran Joshua Woods said, "I did two tours in Iraq. One in Fallujah, the second was in another part of the country."

"I brought my family, my wife, Christina and my two daughters, Anna Katherine and Sarah. We go out, talk to people from other services, share stories and meet new people," Woods added.

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