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Driving on Danger: The concerns about older tires

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Did you know your tires can kill you or someone else?  How old your tires are?  It's just a number but your family is riding on it. We have important information on why you need to check the age of your tires before getting behind the wheel.

"Rubber gets hard and when rubber gets hard then it's a ticking bomb because starts separating," said Big 10 Tire Manager Cedrick Armstrong.

Some vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing tires after 6 years regardless of tread wear. However many tire manufacturers recommend replacement after 10 years.

"A tire can have a lot of tread on it and still can be no good because it's old, too old," added Armstrong.

We found out most consumers have no idea how old a tire is or how to find out. Customers like Doug Brown, and Rogen Chhabra have never looked at the date on a tire before buying it.

No I haven't but I do now," said Brown.

"I have never seen the DOT number before," added Chhabra.

Every tire is required to be labeled with a manufacturer date. Look closely for DOT on the sidewall. Then look for the last four digits. That's week and year of manufacture. 

But what about those old tires being sold particularly in low income neighborhoods. We talked to a young female with a flat tire and asked her if she was going to find a cheap tire.

"Yes.," she said, "Because I ain't got no money, broke."

No money and trouble in the trunk.  Most people forget about the spare. It's locked away in your trunk for years with extreme temperature changes. I went to used tire centers to find out if sellers even know what they are passing on?

"Look at them and (you) can tell by the dry rot. How dry rotted they is stuff like that,"  said an unidentified salesman.

What about that spare in the truck?  We talked to a young woman and asked her to open her truck and look for the date of the spare. She found that it was made in 2000 and was 14 years old.

Sean Kane ,President of Safety Research and Strategies says,

"Knowing tire age can avoid problems," said Sean Kane, President of Safety Research and Strategies. "When you look at a tire 10-12-15 years old, in many cases they look just like a new tire. You can't tell unless you know how to decode it. That's what's so dangerous about this problem."

Something an Arkansas woman didn't know in 2007 when her tire failed. A teenage passenger was killed.

Another disturbing example, outdated tires may have been a factor in the deadly crash of 'Fast and Furious' actor Paul Walker and his friend. Investigators found two of the tires on his Porsche were more than 9 years old.

Some folks don't worry about riding past the danger zone. Chhabra said,

"I've always thought that the tread depth was what matters, but I don't think I've ever gotten 2-3 years out of a tire," said Chhabra.

It's just a number but your family's safety is riding on it.

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