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MSU launches online tool for parents

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Mississippi State University announced that they have opened a new Parent Portal for parents and guardians of students who allow their families access to their educational records.

"We believe that a balance of student independence and parental engagement is very important in building the student experience," said MSU President Mark E. Keenum. "The Parent Portal demonstrates our commitment to making the student-parent partnership an accessible priority."

MSU says the Parent Portal will connect students' myState Banner accounts to their families which will allow them to go online and check class schedules, course progress, class attendance and account information.

Only parents and guardians listed by students who waive the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, or FERPA, will have access to the portal.

Students can log into their myState account, click on the Banner tab and select "FERPA Release & Parent Portal Access" under the "Academic Records" column to enable parents or guardians to view student-specific educational information.

After the student signs the electronic FERPA waiver, the parent or guardian will be able to log into the portal website.

Students who have already signed a FERPA waiver and provided parents' or guardians' email addresses have automatically enrolled them in MSU's Parent Portal, said John Dickerson, registrar and interim executive director of enrollment.

"It is our intent to partner with parents in encouraging student success," said Jerry Gilbert, MSU provost and executive vice president. "The Parent Portal will present student educational information to parents once a student has granted them permission. This is an exciting new service that we are now offering as part of our commitment to student degree completion."

MSU says that to discuss academic performance with faculty or staff, families with permission to view students' records must still provide extra information, including the parent or guardian name of the person allowed access, along with the student's name, birthdate and the nine-digit MSU ID number.

For more information about MSU's Parent Portal or FERPA waivers, call MSU's Office of Parent Services at 662-325-3611 or email

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