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Caught on camera: Student beaten at school

TUPELO, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A Mississippi mother says her daughter is a victim of bullying and adds she has the video to prove it.

Cellphone video shows 13-year-old Destiny Hughes being punched multiple times by a fellow student inside Water Valley High School.

Her mother says the 7th grader was left with bruises.

"It makes you outraged and makes you sick at your stomach to watch the videos. You know, the school has a policy against bullying and violence, but if they're not going to enforce it, it's not worth the paper it's printed on," said Destiny's mother, Rhonda Hughes. 

Hughes says she is pursuing legal action against the school district for negligence after the assault. 

According to Hughes, her daughter had numerous encounters with the student, and teachers failed to intervene.

"The children go to school to be safe, to feel safe. However, mine was not," said Hughes. 

Superintendent Kim Chrestman said he couldn't show the school's video of the beating because of legal reasons and to protect the privacy of the other student involved, but he did say disciplinary action had been taken against the attacker.

"If you go back and look at our video, which we had overhead, and you look around the student body, even the students that were sitting right next to them didn't know what was going on. While there were students that knew what was was going on — that's very evident by the video that the parents had — no one in the cafeteria notified the teachers," said Chrestman. 

Hughes says she will be homeschooling both her children from now on because she believes they would be unsafe in the school system.

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