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JULIA'S FORECAST: Cold Snap is Here!

Good Wednesday morning!

Chillier air has begun to settle in now that a cold front has passed through the region. Expect highs today only in the low 50's- that's about 30 degrees cooler than yesterday!!! We'll also be dealing with a brisk breeze today, allowing a wind chill to drop our "feels like" temp a few degrees below what's on the thermometer. Plan for much of the day to feel like 40's.

Clouds will be around through the day with some sunshine. Folks south of Highway 84 could see some spotty showers from time to time, but overall expect a mostly dry day.

Frost is a possibility tonight as temps come down to the low 30's. Those north of I-20 have a better likelihood of seeing patches of frost, with temps at or below freezing for an hour or two. Farther south will likely stay a few degrees above freezing, in the mid 30's.

We're still blustery on Thursday, but should see more in the way of sun. Still, we're not warming- we're actually going to be colder. Thursday will be a raw, bitter day with highs in the mid 40's and "feels like" temps in the upper 30's.

Winds should ease and skies clear enough on Thursday night to allow for a temperature free fall. We're expecting statewide freezing conditions during the overnight with several hours spent in the 20's. If you don't cover up or move tender vegetation indoors, you risk damaging your plants.

Repeat conditions occur for Friday (sunny and in the 40's) and Friday night (widespread frost and freeze). Clouds increase on Saturday and rain becomes more likely on Sunday.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
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