Cold weather tips - - Jackson, MS

Cold weather tips

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A plunge in temperatures has people flocking to big box stores and hardware stores to winterize. Preparations have already begun in anticipation of below freezing weather.

"Well, I think this year may be colder than last year an so it's just reasonable for us to prepare for it," said pastor Henry Hankins.

Some winterizing goods at the ace hardware store in Maywood Mart are hot ticket items, like styrofoam covers that protect your outside water faucets from freezing and bursting pipes.

"So those are flying off the shelves and this stuff is starting to pick up a little bit more, said salesman Roger Smith. "People getting duct tape. A lot of people put these on their pipes and duct tape it."

"They come in small cones," said John Kimrell. "you stick them over them and tighten the strap up and it will stay on. A lot of people don't understand that the hose bib  itself holds water inside of them. A little bit of water will freeze and bust that hydrant and make a mess.">

An inexpensive solution to keep your doors air tight and the heat in, peel and stick foam.

"Cheap insulation," said Smith. "It's an easy, simple, cheap way of doing stuff for folks."

Also don't forget you can reverse the direction of your ceiling fan, if you have one. In the winter, you can turn the fan in the other direction to circulate the warm air.

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