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JULIA'S FORECAST: Raw & Blustery With Increasing Sun

We're still getting colder!!! It's been a chilly morning start with wake up temps in the mid 30s. We've had a good deal of cloud cover around central Mississippi, but we're NOT seeing any precipitation. The same can't be said for our state neighbors to the north: Memphis had a light dusting from an early wintry mix. Off to the south, rain showers are drizzling over Louisiana and the southeastern portion of Mississippi.

Rain or wintry precip will not impact central MS today; we'll actually see clearing skies. Sunshine will increase, but the thermometer will have a tough time rising. Cold air rushes in on a brisk wind from the north (up to 20 mph) and highs only rise into the mid 40s. Given the breeze, it will likely only feel like upper 30s and low 40s.

Winds ease a bit tonight. Combined with clear skies, these conditions should allow temperatures to drop down into the mid 20s. Expect a widespread hard freeze tonight with temperatures sub-freezing for at least 6 hours. These low temperatures will damage and kill vegetation that is not protected.

Friday will be sunny and the temperatures will essentially be a repeat of Thursday. Afternoon highs reach the mid 40s. Friday night lows again drop into the mid 20s with widespread hard freezing conditions.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
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