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Sheriff Lewis cracks down on contraband

Kadarrion Reed and Kion Hughes   Source: Hinds County Sheriff's Dept. Kadarrion Reed and Kion Hughes Source: Hinds County Sheriff's Dept.

Vodka and juice disguised as orange soda. More alcohol in a Sprite bottle. Marijuana, cigarettes, men's underwear, and toiletries.
Hinds County Deputies along with Jackson Police swiped it all from 19 year old Kadarrion Reed and 24 year old Kion Hughes Wednesday night.

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis says the two had been sitting inside a car outside the Hinds County downtown jail, preparing to gain entry.
"We think they were just trying to introduce contraband into probably one of the inmates they knew. It wasn't no regular visitation. We don't have visitation at that time of night," he says. 

Authorities say Reed and Hughes tried to run away, but Sheriff's Deputies, with the help of Jackson Police, apprehended them.  
Sheriff Lewis is working hard to crack down on contraband, which is a nationwide problem inside prisons and jails. Right now there are 88 surveillance cameras between the downtown jail, which houses females and people in protective custody, and the Raymond Detention Center. That number will soon increase to 233.

And a new policy this week: employees can no longer bring food or drink to the jails. 
"Employees can be fed for free, or if they want a different menu they can pay an additional two dollars for it," he says. "We're trying to decrease and deter as much introduction of contraband into our facilities as possible. We're taking actions."

The sheriff also has a new text alert system to inform citizens of any type of emergency or weather situation, anything they need to know. People just need to send a text to 888777 Hinds to get the alerts.

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