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Unsung Heroes during the Agriculture Museum fire

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Miraculously most all of the farm animals made it out of the Ag Museum fire alive. But rescuers could not reach a small pen of rabbits in time. In the midst of that devastating fire, acts of heroism and bravery were taking place.

Thousands of you watched our Skycopter live feed Thursday as a livestock barn went up in flames. Everyone was horrified because farm animals were tucked away inside their stalls for the night.

The parents of Kayla Dorrell, an employee at the museum, said their daughter ran into the burning barn to save animals.

"There was no stopping her because she is an animal lover first off and there was no stopping her," said Lisa Dorrell. "She was on her way and he couldn't stop her. So He (Zach Rogers) pulled fire extinguishers to get the locks off so she could get the pigs out."

By that time, the collapsing barn turned into a raging inferno. A loft door fell trapping Kayla as she tried to escape the flames.

We had exclusive video of Pendelton security guard Zach Rogers dragging her from the burning barn. Zach told us about the rescue,

"The door was lying over her legs and I knew I just had to get her out of her our of there," said Rogers. I started puling her away from the fire. I was so in fear for her. The heat you could constantly feel it, no matter. We kept dragging her. The heat was so bad."

"She's a hero in our book and so is the officer who got her out,"  said State Fire Marshall Rick Davis.

"It was intense. I keep hearing that," added Rogers. "I like to think that I would do the same thing that anybody else would do."

Kayla's parents came back to the Agriculture and Forestry Museum Friday to thank all those who helped save their daughter's life, especially the brave security guard.

"She's always been a hero in our book," said Calvin Dorrell. "She's a good kid and takes care of everyone else." 

Cows, mules and the ponies will be taken to temporary homes at private farms. Other animals, including goats and a chicken are being taken care of at the Jackson Zoo.

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