Chained dog endures cold pouring rain without shelter - - Jackson, MS

Chained dog endures cold pouring rain without shelter

Dog, neighbors have named Rain, chained Sunday in cold and rainy weather (Source: WLBT) Dog, neighbors have named Rain, chained Sunday in cold and rainy weather (Source: WLBT)
PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Viewers contacted us about a disturbing story of alleged animal abuse where a dog was chained in the pouring rain without shelter.

Photojournalist Karlos Sanders went to the scene and captured heart wrenching video of the animal trying his best to withstand Sunday's weather.

"It's heartbreaking to sit here hour after hour after hour and watch him sit in the rain," said Hillary Acy.

Seeing their neighbor's golden retriever mix shiver in the downpour and fruitlessly search for shelter saddened and frustrated Acy and Kayla Mclelland.

The animal lovers said they moved into their Pearl home a month ago and witnessed what they call the dog's mistreatment.

"It's actually brought me to tears, because I'm an animal lover. I'm an avid animal lover. I own animals and it's freezing cold outside, and this dog has no shelter, no shelter from the winds, no shelter from the cold. "He is chained and the two say when it is dry he huddles under a shed for warmth.

 But Sunday he could be seen repeated trying but failing to dig water from beneath that shed to get out of the cold rain. 

Mclelland is a former vet tech who worked at Rankin Animal Clinic and the Lakeland Animal Clinic.

"It can actually kill them. I've seen animals that have frost bite so bad and hypothermia and all that, that they've lost limbs. 

They've had to be put down, because they had no chance of making it through the treatment," said Mclelland.

"He's used to water," said the dog's owner Glenda Mclendon.

When confronted by photographer Karlos Sanders, Mclendon said the animal is accustomed to the rain and even harsher elements. She refused to appear on camera.

"He gets up under the shed. He's got a hole buried...cause when it hailed so bad he stood out there in the hail, added Mclendon.

Acy and Mclelland said they don't want to overstep their boundaries, but would like the dog to have shelter from the elements.

They have contacted police and MARL in hopes of improving the animal's living conditions.

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