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Black market designer drugs: How to protect your kids

Many law enforcement agencies across the state say it is a problem that most parents and communities are not prepared to handle.

New black market designer drugs can have deadly consequences and have proven to be a new kind of death trap for children at younger and younger ages.

They have names like NBOMe (N-bomb), 25-I, Smiles and Meow Meow.

While this may be foreign to most adults.. kids know what the names mean and they know where to find this newest kind of high.

Sheriff Randy Tucker said, "Kids are not intelligent enough especially at the age we're seeing these kids start using these drugs to make good decisions to do a background check on what they're putting into their bodies. To know what the side effects are going to be and what the possible ramifications are, but you know we've seen anything from you know, from physical defects, to mental problems to ultimately and sadly enough fatalities."

Many of the new man made drugs are often cheap, sold openly and online ,which makes them especially attractive to tech savvy kids.

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