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JULIA'S FORECAST: Rain Has Exited, Cold Has Entered

Record rainfall fell yesterday! Sunday rainfall totals amounted to 3.2" in Jackson, reaching a new record for the day. Areas south of the metro had to deal with much stormier conditions: a tornado was spotted near Tylertown in Walthall County. No damage or injuries were reported. Otherwise, there were several gusts of winds that took down trees and power lines throughout the south and eastern portion of the state.

Thankfully, the storms and rain have cleared. You can go ahead and put that umbrella away- you won't be needing it today. Clouds will slowly decrease throughout the day. We'll see some sun by the afternoon.

Despite any clearing, don't expect much of a warm up. Winds have shifted, bringing in colder air from the north/northwest. The breeze today is blustery! We're expecting highs to reach the low 40s this afternoon, but wind chills prevent it from feeling much warmer than the upper 30s.

Skies tonight will be mostly clear, and winds will ease up a bit. We're expecting overnight lows to reach the low 20s. Areas in the very northern portion of the state could get as cold as the teens.

The sun will be out on Tuesday, but we're still staying cold. Highs reach the mid 40s. Sub-freezing weather takes over again during the overnight, as we'll see temperatures drop down to the 20s again by early Wednesday morning.

Temperatures lean warmer towards the end of the work week. We'll be in the 50s on Wednesday and back to the low 60s on Thursday. Expect rain showers to return as we head into the weekend.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
Facebook: Meteorologist Julia Weiden
Twitter: @JuliaWeiden

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