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'Operation Shoestring' continues to inspire

Operation Shoestring continues its fight to inspire families and children in the City of Jackson.

On the heels of recent corruption cases centered in our state, today leaders answered questions on what it means to be an ethical leader and how positive decisions can transform a community.

Executive Director Robert Langford says the building blocks to creating a concrete foundation for future generations starts with ethical leaders.

Robert Langford says, "It's how the decisions our leaders make affect the kids we serve right in the heart of our city."

Operation Shoestring's annual Conversation About Community Luncheon Fundraiser held a panel discussion on the heels of our state's latest corruption allegations. State Correction Commissioner Chris Epps was recently indicted on multiple federal fraud and bribery charges regarding a million dollar money scheme lasting more than a decade. The panelist were forced to the mindset of what ethical leadership is and how it extends to the community.

Mayor Tony Yarber says, "This conversation sets a trend in our city about ethics. Creating a new culture in how we deal with each other, how we move forward and how progress is perceived by all of our people."

Mayor Yarber says to be ethical is more than setting principles and being transparent.

Yarber says, "Accountability. I think if there is accountability then the conversation about ethics becomes second nature. So, we don't have to talk about ethics folks can see that ethics are happening as we are holding each other accountable."

Langford says, "To get people to go back to their own communities and think about the choices they make and the importance of decisions that affect people that are beyond just you."

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