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EXCLUSIVE: Recent home burglaries targeting rifles, shotguns

LINCOLN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Lincoln County deputies are investigating a slew of burglaries that have taken place over the last two months.

One homeowner said she thinks they are all being carried out by the same group of people, and now she's turned to 3 On Your Side for help.

"We've been robbed, somebody's been in our home, and what else is gone?" Deanna Ezell said, recalling her initial thoughts after the Nov. 9 burglary.

It's something homeowner Ezell never thought would happen: someone coming into her home and stealing from her family.

"We've gone through several emotions: anger, fear, paranoia, [and even] been afraid to leave our home," Ezell said.

The Ezells left that Sunday morning for church, leaving the back door unlocked.

She said that's not uncommon, since it's a small community.

When the family got back, the gun cabinets were open, with ten rifles and shotguns missing. Ezell's husband said the firearms were worth about $6,800.

"It's almost like they knew exactly where to go," Ezell said. "It's very alarming to us, and makes us live in fear because it makes us wonder who's been watching us?"

Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing said they're seeing more cases recently, all with similarities: Sunday or Monday morning burglaries involving primarily firearms in rural homes.

"We've had -- in the past two months -- three to four that were similar," Rushing said. "That's not to say they're all connected, but at the same time we're not ruling it out."

Rushing said similar burglaries have also hit Pike County.

Deanna said she's heard it's more widespread than just those two counties, though.

"It's just...it's too similar for it not to be something bigger," Ezell said.

However, Deanna didn't contact 3 On Your Side because of frustration with law enforcement.

"I want our neighbors to be ready so this won't happen to them, and I want to help the sheriff's department," Ezell said. "I hope this does, that someone will turn themselves in or someone has information that will stop these people."

The Ezells said they're beefing up security to protect their home in the future.

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