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Owner surrenders chained dog to animal rescuer

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A happy ending and a brighter future for the Pearl dog chained without shelter in Sunday's torrential rains.

His owner has surrendered him to an animal rescuer and he's getting much needed medical treatment.

"I decided to go by the residence to see if the dog was still there, and it was," said animal rescuer Peggy Culberson.

Rain, which is what Culberson has nicknamed the dog, is now free of the chain that held him as he sought shelter from Sunday's downpours in his Pearl backyard.

Monday Peggy Culberson persuaded owner Glenda McClendon to allow her to take him.

The Golden retriever mix is being treated at the Monroe Street Animal Clinic.

"I approached the resident, parked the car outside, and they were very willing to give the dog up. It was a lady, a heart patient and she just could not care for the dog," said Culberson.

Sunday, Hillary Acy and Kayla Mclelland contacted WLBT about Rain's miserable living conditions.

We are told he had been chained to the tree for five years. His embedded collar had to be removed by a vet.

"If anybody can possibly donate the medical treatment of the dog. If anyone wants to adopt this dog we're going through Elizabeth Jackson at ARF," said Culberson who along with her husband Mark own three dogs and 20 cats.

ARF or The Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi has found him a temporary home.

They are currently caring for 352 dogs and cats. 
Officials say it costs about $30,000.00 per month to run the no kill shelter.

"From here it will go into a foster home where it can learn to be an inside dog, how to walk on a leash and how to be a family pet and at that point when it's ready we'll get it placed in a really great home where it won't be on a chain ever again," said Elizabeth Jackson of ARF.

Acy and Mclelland are ecstatic about Rain's rescue and launched the "Justice for Rain" Facebook page and hoping for a permanent good home.

We're told Rain's vet care will run about $500.00. 

If you would like to donate to ARF to help Rain go to http://www.arfms.org/

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