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JULIA'S FORECAST: How Long Will The Cold Last?!

If you're feeling freezing this morning, you're not the only one! Sub-freezing temperatures have taken over the majority of the country. From Denver to Dallas and Nashville to New York, temperatures are all at or below 32 degrees. Here in the great state of Mississippi, we're mostly waking up to mid to upper 20s.

It's going to be a sunny day, but we're not expecting much of a warm up. Cold air continues to roll in from the north, preventing any warm up today. Highs reach the low 40s this afternoon. Winds won't be as blustery, but any little breeze will make it feel cooler than the thermometer feels. It's a good idea to dress for upper 30s.

Another cold night is in store! Lows tonight come back down to the 20s. However, there are changes in store. Winds will shift and become more southwesterly, a direction that allows warm air to move in. We'll start to see the upshot of that by Wednesday afternoon, when the temps are about ten degrees milder in the mid 50s.

We're back to seasonable conditions in the low 60s by Thursday with a mix of sun and clouds.We keep warming as we head into the weekend, and by Saturday we should reach the low 70s. Extra moisture will be added into the atmosphere, bringing the chance for rain and storms. It's possible we could see some severe thunderstorms over the weekend. We'll be monitoring that potential over the next several days, so be sure to check back for updates.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
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