Lawmaker speaks out about supporting LGBT awareness in Mississip - - Jackson, MS

Lawmaker speaks out about supporting LGBT awareness in Mississippi

State Representative Alyce Clarke continues to speak out about the "All God's Children" LGBT campaign. 

In it, the longtime lawmaker talks with us about accepting and loving her gay son. Representative Clarke is featured in one of the commercials. Tuesday she said it was the right thing to do.

She recalled when she first found out son was gay. It came up during a difficult time in his life.

The lawmaker said the only thing she could do was support Mark,"He said Mama, when I realized I was gay and I didn't know how you Daddy and my siblings would accept me, I didn't know of any alternative I had. And fortunately the Almighty was with me. So immediately said I love you."

Her son Mark is an adult now and living in New York.

Clarke said she has received numerous phone calls and all supported her position on this matter. 

She added, she is not worried about her political future for speaking out on the controversial issue and the faith based commercial paid for by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

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