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Property owner speaks out about 'eyesore'

BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) - The Hinds County homeowner in the center of controversy about the looks of his property is speaking out.

It was his neighbors and Supervisor Kenneth Stokes who did the talking at Monday's Hinds County Board of Supervisors meeting. 

Supervisor Stokes said at that meeting, "They're coming at this man because he's black. That's the only reason ya'll are saying the stuff y'all are saying." 

(You can watch that exchange, and hear from neighbors of the property here)

The outburst has brought even more attention to the property that sits on Parks Road Place in Hinds County.

A roof barely standing, no trespassing signs on the front door, and wires hanging from the side of the home have neighbors outraged at the owner.

They say Fabian Nelson is not keeping is home up to par.

Nelson says, "It was very disturbing, alarming and hurtful to know because I felt that they should have come to me first and said, hey this is what's going on versus go above my head."

29-year-old Nelson says he bought the property back in 2011 as a foreclosure and since that time as continued to reconstruct the home. 

Right now Nelson is living in Curacao attending Medical School at John F. Kennedy University.

Nelson says, "This is a home I live in. I have electricity, I have water there. When I am in the states I live in this home. This is my primary home. When I do finish school I do plan to come there and have a family and live in the home."

After taking a look at the Hinds County website it revealed Nelson has not paid taxes on this home in 2012 and 2013 totaling more than six thousand dollars.

Nelson says, "I'm putting all of my money into redoing the property because I feel like that is more important, and I am going to get my property taxes paid."

Records show Nelson has numerous other properties in the state, he says he would rather not comment about those rental properties because it is not relevant with this matter.

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