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Volunteers camp out in park to save homeless shelters

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Two Stewpot shelters are slated to close in less than a week because they have no more money to operate. Now local organizations are coming together to help.

On cold winter nights the homeless are often seen sleeping here at Poindexter Park.

But Tuesday night business professionals, state workers, and military veterans created their on shelters, sleeping on the ground to raise money to keep the Billy Brumfield House and the women's shelter Matt's house operating.

It's an effort by Mississippi MOVE and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

"These are real people. This could be you. At any time you could lose your job. If you make under $35,000.00 a year which by the federal level is under poverty your next step is homelessness," said Mississippi M.O.V.E. President Mac Epps.

It's person for camper Rondale Ragsdale of Jackson.

"My Daddy is homeless and he's been out here for over 20 years, and he stays at the Billy Brumfield House. So just to give back I wanted to take part in this today," said Ragsdale.

The Stewpot shelters were scheduled to close November 15th, but the board delayed closured until November 25th.

James Salvage of New Orleans is homeless and one of the hundreds the campers are fighting for.

"We have places where we need to sleep, but we're trying to keep warm at night because it's fixing to get cold. it's really fixing to get cold brother so if yall just pray for us man and try to give whatever you can, anything," said Salvage.

Stewpot Executive director Reverend Frank Spencer says the shelters need $200,000.00 to keep the doors open.

The non-profit organization has $70,000.00 in outstanding bills along with a $75,000.00 line of credit from Trustmark Bank from which it has already borrowed $60,000.00 to pay staff.

The campers will be at the park collecting donations until six a.m.

Spencer said since mailing letters to area churches requesting financial assistance in September, the agency has received about $20,000.00 in donations.

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