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JULIA'S FORECAST: Last Frozen Morning For a While

Wow- talk about a cold morning! This is some of the chilliest air we've seen so far this year. Just like yesterday, many of us are waking up to temperatures in the 20s. Our air is fairly still though, so we're not terrible concerned about a wind chill factor.

For those who don't like the cold, this fortunately is the last of the freezing mornings for a little while. Winds are shifting and becoming more southwesterly. By this afternoon, that will start to create a warm-up. We're expecting to hit mid 50s today, about ten degrees warmer than we were yesterday.

With the additional warmth comes the extra moisture. We'll be in the low and mid 60s on Thursday and Friday, but we'll also have some clouds. By Saturday we'll be in the low 70s, but we'll be watching the threat for rain and storms in the afternoon.

As of right now, the stormiest time frame looks to be from Saturday evening through Sunday afternoon as a potent front pushes through. Temperatures will be very warm in the upper 70s, and the atmosphere will be unstable, meaning that we could have some severe weather. It's still early to nail down all of the details, but we'll be updating with new information as it comes in- be sure to check back here.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
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