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Aaron Vance: "Country Music Twang"

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
An up and coming Mississippi native is turning heads. 

Singing and writing his own tunes, the Ole Miss grad is ready to break out in Nashville. Aaron Vance and his mentor/agent, Hal Newman, were in the metro area Thursday for a promotional stopover. 

You'll find this country boy is a credible artist. His agent says Vance is the '"real deal." 

Just in time for the Egg Bowl, he takes it to the end zone for Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans. 

"And when it comes down to it, you want to get hand and hand together and say we are Mississippians," said Vance. "And I'm proud of  Mississippi State.  I'm proud of Ole Miss doing this, actually Ole Miss and State represent the people of Mississippi."

Vance hails from a small town in north Mississippi called Mooreville. 

His father was a preacher and farmer and he started singing in church. Aaron is poised to take on Nashville big time. 

He has no hesitation about being African American and breaking into the tough country music scene.

"I'm Aaron Vance and I'm making my own way," said Vance. "I'm just being me and trying my thing, filling shoes in country music trying to be part of the people that done the real thing, the good stuff."

He's got the voice, the looks, and he loves country music. And no doubt Vance is a gifted artist. He is also humble about singing and writing his tunes.  

"It's born and bred music," said Vance. "It comes from the soul and when I sing it, I put it out there and everybody's feeling like I do. It's pretty much homegrown music."

And this Nashville resident says he takes great pride in "Mississippi Pride" the name of one of this albums.

Check out Aaron Vance's website here.

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