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Madison Co. sheriff says no new leads in Myra Lewis case

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - On Friday, the Madison County Sheriff's Office held a press conference regarding the disappearance of Myra Lewis. 

Recently, the Find Me Group, a nonprofit organization of consultants, law enforcement officials and forensic experts dedicated to finding missing persons, issued a report with an exact location of where they believe Myra is, and how she disappeared. 

Members of the psychic team say they've solved 59 of 300 cases presented to them, since 2002.

Sheriff Randy Tucker says that they have looked at all of the locations that the Find Me Group provided but have not yet come up with any new leads or evidence that Myra was ever at any of the locations. 

Sheriff Tucker said, "We have gone to those locations we have walked them on foot we've had dogs involved.  We have physically dug in these areas.  We have yet to find anything that would lead us to believe that any of these locations would reveal the whereabouts of Myra Lewis."

Sheriff Tucker says that in the mean time his office is still receiving tips in this case and they will exhaust all resources on each and every one of these.

"We also had a couple of areas that indicated she had been abducted and was being held by an individual.  We have gone to that area as well, we interviewed persons and searched homes.  Those also proved to be unfounded.  No Myra," said Tucker.

Sheriff Tucker thanked the Find Me group for their help, and welcomed others to offer their help.

"Everybody has an individual belief of what happened.  I believe a child was abducted from her residence and hadn't been located and were going to do everything we can to locate her," said Tucker.

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