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Pearl Police looking for a wanted man

Anthony John Kittling   Source: Pearl PD Anthony John Kittling Source: Pearl PD
It started as a routine traffic stop, then ended with a felony fleeing warrant. Pearl Police need your help finding the wanted man out of Jackson.

Twenty-one-year-old Anthony John Kittling, Junior, remains on the run after bailing out of his car when police tried to pull him over. Police say your tips could lead to his arrest.

Cell phone video shows the scene of Pearl Police chasing after Kittling.

"Around 2 am, officers with Pearl PD tried to initiate a traffic stop for this gentleman doing 82 in a 60 mile an hour zone," said Captain Brian McGairty.

Kittling, didn't stop. He led police along Interstate 20 into Jackson. The high speed chase continued to the intersection of Gallatin Street and South West Street.

"Jumped out of the vehicle once he was able to get it slowed down and bailed on foot," said McGairty.

Kittling is wanted on felony fleeing charges. He doesn't have a violent criminal past, but Pearl Police Captain Brian McGairty says investigators want him found.

"Any time we have someone that is fleeing the police, we have questions as to why is he fleeing?" said McGairty. "Does he possibly have warrants? Is there another crime that he may have committed that just hasn't come to surface yet in another jurisdiction even?"

Kittling is believed to have ties to Teresa Drive off McDowell Road in Jackson as well as Combs Street.

"We may not catch you with a marked car we certainly will hand it over to investigators and we depend on the public to cooperate with us to try and get him off the streets," added McGairty.

If you have any information on where he might be, you can call the Pearl Police Department at 601-932-3569

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