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Motorcycle safety tips for drivers

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Motorcycles racing recklessly next to you on the roadway is a problem the entire state is facing. How you can protect yourself from colliding with one of these risk takers?

Daredevil motorcycle riders are taking over the roadways at high speeds. Most recently, 48 year old Patrick Bryant lost his life in Jackson while racing his bike.You Tube video we found shows motorcycle drag racing on Beasley Road in Jackson back in 2010.

It was that type of racing that was being done Friday night on Medgar Evers Boulevard that claimed the Bryant's life.

"You hate to see someone go down," said Jackson Police Corporal Mark Hodges. "That thought runs through your mind, that could have been me or what could have that rider done to prevent that from happening."

Bryant lost his life after two people on motorcycles stopped traffic, holding it back on Medgar Evers Boulevard, giving Bryant and another rider the opportunity to race their bikes at a high speed. The accident happened just seconds after an SUV pulled out onto Medgar Evers colliding with Bryant.

Corporal Mark Hodges says these types of accidents are far to common not only in Jackson, but across the state.

"So, you're always sympathetic to those types of situations," added Hodges. "However you do have people that operate these motorcycles in a very unsafe way."

So how do you protect yourself while driving?

"The safety tips that I would recommend to people that are operating vehicles that are driving down the road; you stop texting, you stop talking on the phone, look twice for motorcycles and just really pay attention to where you are going," said Hodges. "Because, this has become a real major problem throughout the state of Mississippi."

Hodges says it's also crucial for the driver of the motorcycle to abide by the rules of the road. He says if you want to race or perform stunts, go somewhere where you don't put someone else's life in harms way.

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