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Viral videos of 2014

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Our Year-Ender series continues tonight. Several stories that turned up on national news in 2014 started right here in the Magnolia state.

We start in Brandon where a video went viral within minutes. It showed a man hitting his dog because "Rocko" apparently tore a patio cushion. Many people were disturbed by the the actions, social media exploded with comments and ended with the Rankin County Sheriff's Office taking custody of the pup.

Reporters were just as surprised as our audience to learn a Holmes County man, woke from the dead? Walter Williams apparently died, according to a doctor. The family helped the coroner put the body bag over Mr. Williams, but death was not the end.

"We were getting ready to transport him to the embalming table in the embalming room, when we noticed he was moving," said Byron Porter. "He had activities."

"I came in the room, he said 'Hey Mook,'" said Mary Williams. "I said, oh my god he's back."

Mr. Williams managed to spend another few months with his family before he passed away, again.

And then there was this. Little Victoria Wilcher's spirit captured thousands of hearts when her story went viral. On a Facebook post a family member said the three year old child was asked to leave a Jackson KFC restaurant because of the way her face looked.

She had suffered traumatic injuries back in April after a Pit Bull attack. Although many reports later questioned whether the K-F-C event ever really happened, the story still ended on a happy note when a plastic and reconstructive surgeon offered his services to the child for no cost.

"I saw Victoria's story on the news and social media and I was just very affected by it," said Dr. Frank Stile.

The good news doesn't stop there. AMR paramedic Jennifer Hesselbein almost lost her life in the line of duty when she was struck by a car. After 30 surgeries and losing her left eye, Jennifer was able to tie the knot this year to EMT Jonathan Blackwell.

"Even though Andrew and I had met before the accident and he had proposed to me before the accident, we would not be sitting here and possibly could not have gotten married had my partner not risked his own life to try to save mine and because he was able to pull me out of the way," said Jennifer.

Watched more than seven million times on the WLBT facebook page and shared nearly sixty thousand times, we end with the birth of Corri Lynn Griffith who was born inside the car on Interstate 20 in Rankin County.

The Pearl couple was trying to get to Baptist Women's Clinic, but they couldn't make it in time before Diamond Jones was in labor, delivering her baby girl.

Within minutes, if not seconds, father Corri Griffith, who was driving began recording video on his I-Phone to capture the first moments of his new daughter's life.

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